Fighting Words

An archive of printed LGBTQI+ material from the UK in the 1970s and 80s

Spartacus 1983 application

Introducing CHE

Lunch #13, October 1972

Capital Gay #158, Friday 24 August 1984

British Home Stores

Endsleigh Insurance for CHE members

Help put gay rights on the map, 1980

Employment Protection Appeal, June 1980

Facing the future, 1980s

Gay Christian Movement one+one new members campaign

everything you wanted to know about ….. HOMOSEXUALITY

Gay rights at work, 1981

Report to conference by the CHE Executive Committee, April 1973

Books for men

Being rational about being gay, 1980

CHE Women’s Newsletter #2, December 1975

No Offence

Feedback contact card

Separate Development? Out of the Closet into the Ghetto

Christian words to a Homosexual

The CHE constitution

CHE annual report May 1975–March 1976

Introducing the Gay Humanist Group

Young Homosexuals, 1975


Homosexuality: facts & fallacies

CHE gift subscription notification

CHE groups monthly report form

CHE – A change for the future, c1983

Summary of the motions carried at the CHE Sheffield conference 1982

The Gay Social Democrat newsletter #1, July 1981

Gay Social Democrats leaflet, 1981

The Case for Homosexual Law Reform

CHE compliments slip

Join CHE leaflet

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